Quick MVPs

What is an MVP?

MVP refers to Minimum Viable Product. MVPs are mostly used in the context of mobile apps. However, the concept has been there for quite some time even during waterfall models of development. MVP as a concept is useful even in product and solution development as a de-risking strategy, while selecting technology, platform & frameworks

Where can it be used?

What is the timelines?

One week to design, one week to develop!
One week to iterate, one week to decide!

Constrained by time and budget, we build the working prototype with core algorithms and functionalities, leaving everything else for later phase of complete delivery.



What is covered – Fully functional core feature. An architecture, where remaining components can be added easily.
What is not – Code optimizations, performance optimizations, configurability, redundancy, security, logging etc. You know what we mean!

Once the MVP is delivered to customer’s satisfaction, we work with our customers on scoping and moving to next sprint of delivering a mature and robust product, as per requirement.

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