MIS & Reporting

What do we offer?

We help customers build beautiful looking and intuitive dashboards keeping end-users in mind.

We understand the business functional requirement of creating MIS and break it down to small components. We iterate through mock-ups to meet customer satisfaction and then only freeze on the design. Our expertise in multiple UI technologies such as GWT, Vaadin, Angular, React and Vue gives customer a large choice of stacks, as per their preference.

Our expertise


Interactive and user friendly UI/UX development is a requisite for any application these days. Increasingly, the UI layer is being decoupled with the service layer by use of new server side and client side javascript frameworks with Angular JS, React JS and Vue JS emerging as leading choice of HTML 5 based UI development.
For Admin GUIs and for internal configuration UIs, Google Web Toolkit (GWT) promoted by Google and frameworks written on top of GWT such as Ext-JS, Vaadin etc present a easy to develop and easy to maintain UI/UX.

Lets get started by understanding the functionalUI requirements and iterating over mock-ups.

Please email us at sales@softdive.com or call us at +919972044915

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