Biometric security solutions


Auth Applications

We build auth applications using Fingerprint, Iris & Face authentications.

This involves working on Driver level APIs, MINEX compliant extractors and matcher algorithms.

Biometric Auth Applications can be used in variety of government as well as private applications:-

  • Civil Biometric Applications
  • Criminal Biometric Applications
  • Consumer Biometric Applications
  • Design & Development of Core Biometric Algorithms
  • Development of AFIS


Can it be used?


Is Aadhaar Ecosystem?

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)has launched world’s biggest Biometric verification programme “Aadhaar” for Identity Management enrolling 1.3 Billion Indian population in Aadhaar providing them unique identity based on Biometric authentication. It is currently being used mostly for social welfare programs.

Aadhaar is now proving to be immensely useful also for commercial applications in sectors like Fintech, Payments, Hospitality, Health Care amongst others.


Third party applications?

Services Offered?

  • Live streaming based face authentication (Read Case Study – Bal Bharti Case Study)
  • VDM Development for Enrollment kit (Read More – VDM Development)
  • Image Quality Testing using Mitre and ISO (Read More – IQT)
  • RD Services Registration & Certification

Next Steps

Connect with our team for commercial as well as Aadhaar auth applications.

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