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At SoftDive, we have expertise in delivering Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions in a flexible and scalable way. We also take pride in understanding customers existing infrastructure and products and providing a modular layer of integration to address the integration issues around the product. To know more on our System Integration capabilities, please read the following casestudy.


At SoftDive, we offer customized telecom solutions, which are flexible, scalable and easy to maintain. Our innovative use of best technology stacks and great open source frameworks keep the development cost low and still keep the implementation technically robust and easy to modulate. We do deliver end-to-end application development and management solutions from requirement analysis to deployment and rollout.

Our services cover the following application lifecycle stages:

  • Application Development – Providing complete custom development ranging from analysis of requirements to to deployment and rollout. The application may be custom-made or a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) based product.
  • Application Maintenance – Changing or enhancing software to meet new business demands in the post-rollout phase of an application.
  • Application Integration, Migration or Transformation - Replacing, migrating and integrating legacy or custom-made systems with COTS products.

Other services, we can deliver

  • Implementation and migration
  • Environment management
  • Database and operating system administration
  • Integration management
  • Software quality assurance
  • Configuration management
  • Build management
  • Development support

Custom Application Development


Operations Support Systems

At SoftDive, we do provide custom implementation of OSS solutions. Our affordable and high quality OSS solutions enable our customers to add value to their business by keeping the investment low and maximizing return on Investments (RoI). Our quick turnaround time and working together with our customers accelerate time to market for new product and services.

OSS – Strengths

  • Deep knowledge of Telecom protocols
  • Expertise in integration with legacy billing, ERP and other systems.

The Telecom industry is changing rapidly and moving beyond voice to offer data, content, media and entertainment to its subscribers. This has opened new opportunities as well as new challenges. With competition growing every day, it is imperative for Telecom operators and communication providers to remain competitive by

  • Keeping cost low
  • Quick go-to-market
  • Improved revenue opportunities
  • Scalable and high performance solutions to ensure Improved customer experience

At SoftDive, we do support our customers by offering the following services :-

  • Building PoCs in no time, which emulates the real life scenarios.
  • Quickly understanding the existing CDP products and customizing it through available plugins.
  • Keeping the development team off-shore to keep the costs low
  • Be development partners of customer by understanding their requirements
  • Be open and flexible to small changes, to not indulge in beaurocracy and be truly supportive to our customers

CDP(Content Delivery Platform) Integration




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